About Us

We offer Executive Suites with a balanced lifestyle at an affordable price point!

Execstay.ca manages several high-quality executive rental suites in the city of Toronto. We have proudly built a successful business model. Each carefully selected property is then fully managed with exquisite customer service.

Our suites set the benchmark for comfortable residences in Canada. Located in beautiful, class A buildings, each professionally designed property is unique and unmatched.

All Execstay properties are located, in well-appointed buildings in proximity to shopping, restaurants, amenities, transportation and entertainment. They are clean, welcoming, fully furnished suites that offer a comfortable, home-like atmosphere that you won’t find in a hotel.

All Of Our Suites Offer:

Comfortable Space: we will provide you with units more than 400 Sq. Ft. which will afford you much greater living accommodations compared to staying at anywhere else like a hotel.

Fully Equipped Kitchen: Enjoy the premium kitchen to prepare your favourite meals, store beverages and snacks, saving money while keeping your lifestyle on track.

Workspace: Find yourself to finish work or quickly get started over the workspace our units offer.

Necessary Amenities: Installed and ready of WiFi & TV to ensure you’re connected. The cost of all utilities is covered by us.

Highly Premium Beds: Once you finish work, comfortably enjoy a good nights sleep with our comfortable Beds.

Well Designed Suites: You’ll never feel as though you’re living out of a suitcase.


Safety: In addition to being professionally managed, all our properties are environmentally compliant through the HSSE, are up to date with all Health & Safety Codes and have emergency plans in place, executed by us who have all successfully completed security background checks.

Insured & Responsible: Our insurance is carried by professional providers and we take full ownership and responsibility for the lease, all furnishings, suite maintenance, ongoing professional cleaning as well as all guests’ needs and inquiries. These things matter.

Free Housekeeping: Come home to a clean and fresh suite.



Within The Building:

Full access to shared amenities such as

• work-out facilities

• meeting rooms

Inside The Suite:

• breathtaking views

• top-of-the-line stainless steel appliances

• en-suite laundry

• multiple flat screen televisions

• impeccable finishes and décor